Homes are becoming smarter, and bathrooms are no exception to this. Here are some technological advancements that you might want to consider for your next bathroom remodel. Bubbles Bathrooms have examples of all the featured items on display in our showroom.  

Combination Toilets

Villeroy and Boch's ViClean toilets combine the ultimate in premium technology with a clear-cut, compact design. They all have washing capability, with some models offering heated seats, automatic opening and closing seats, air dryers and integral odour extraction. All functions can be operated easily and safely via the remote control thereby bringing a little luxury into your bathroom. We have a working model in our cloakroom – why not come and try it for yourself!


What could be more relaxing than a soak in your bath listening to your favourite music through your bathroom mirror or cabinet? Roper Rhodes and HIB have great ranges allowing you to connect your media device to the mirror or cabinet. Featuring a superior, integrated stereo system with infrared on/off sensor controls and bright, practical, energy saving LED lighting, which on many models can be dimmed or even changed from warm to cool white.

Digital Showers

Remote controls on digital showers mean you can get the water to your perfect showering temperature, before you step into the shower. Offering features such as precise temperature and flow control, integral pump boosting and very neat minimal controls, digital showers can often be simpler to install than traditional power-showers. Vado have examples of touch-controlled thermostats that offer a quick and simple way of controlling the water for your bath or shower.

Bathroom Television

Waterproof TVs have become commonplace in high-end and boutique hotels. Now more and more homes are starting to take advantage of this tech. Getting a smart tv will allow you to relax in the bath whilst watching your favourite program. With a wide variety of sizes and specifications Aquavision are one of the leading UK-based providers for bathroom TVs, 

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is a great way to keep your bathroom warm. It's lovely to walk on warm tiles as you exit the bath or shower and it distributes heat evenly around each corner of the room.

Warm-Up Smart Thermostats can work with Apps on your mobile phone to optimise heating and minimise electricity bills.

Sensor Taps

We offer a range of sensor taps from Vado, that are fantastic in a cloakroom setting. These incorporate infra-red technology to provide the ultimate in convenience. They offer a set water temperature with the added benefit of improved hygiene by eliminating the need to physically touch the fixture to turn the water on or off. This removes the chance of re-contaminating one's hands by touching the same handle that was previously touched by not only your own unwashed hands, but also those of every user who came before you. 

System Baths

Day to day life can be very demanding, sometimes we just need an escape and somewhere to switch off for a while. Hydrotherapy at home could be the perfect answer! The circulating, warm water and bubbles have a unique effect in helping us to relax our body, mind and soul. Villeroy and Boch offer a wide range of baths in various styles in either Quaryl or Acrylic material, to help recharge your batteries.

Different jet options available:


In the Airpool, air is injected into the bath through special jets and dispersed as fine bubbles. These air jets are located in the base and ensure a stimulating massage. The pipes to the base jets are blown dry after use.


The water is extracted and pumped back into the bath through special jets in the ends and sides of the bath. The Hydropool massage jets stimulate the muscles and local metabolism. Residual water is drained away.


The best of both worlds: air jets in the base of the bath and water jets, depending on the model, in the back, at the sides and/or in the foot area. The jets can also be used separately, for an all-round body massage that gently eases tensions and stimulates the circulation. The residual water drains away, and the base jets are blown dry.

Steam Rooms

If you've always thought about creating a relaxing spa experience in the comfort of your own home, then a steam room might be just the answer. While showers and baths are more obligatory than optional, a home steam room is a real luxury. As the design and technology of steam rooms have improved, it's become an increasingly popular option here in the UK.

Aqua Steam Generators is a steam specialist who offer a bespoke service with a wide range of options including touch control panels and various colour finishes to match the rest of your bathroom.