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How to make a windowless room feel brighter


  A windowless bathroom can appear dark and small, even if you do appear to have a larger space. We've have put together several ways you can brighten your windowless bathroom and turn if from a gloomy space into a bright and appealing bathroom that you'll enjoy using daily.

Walls & Floors

When it comes to choosing a bathroom tile for a windowless bathroom, opt for light colours such as shades of white, neutral tones or pale greys. These will brighten and lift any dark areas you may have in your bathroom. Wooden flooring in a whitewashed finished or limed oak will also help lift a gloomy looking room. 


Mirrors can be a fantastic way of adding depth to a bathroom by creating that illusion of space, they also reflect the light around the room. To maximise this, you want to go for a relatively large plain mirror or a large mirrored cabinet. If you have dark corners or sloping ceilings you may want to find a mirror or cabinet with LED lighting which will help brighten up the space. 

Adding Greenery

There may be no window to let the light pour in, but you can still bring the outdoors in with some small pot plants. Adding some low-maintenance house plants to any spare surface space will not only add a natural splash of colour, it will make you forget you even have a windowless bathroom! 

Reduce Clutter

Even if you have great lighting and plenty of reflective surfaces, having a cluttered bathroom can make the space appear darker and smaller. Opting for wall storage and under basin units will keep your belongings out of sight, but still within easy reach.

Artificial lighting

Getting the right amount of artificial lighting in a bathroom can be a bit of a tricky task. Too little light and there's a good chance you will still have gloomy area of the bathroom but if you put too much lighting in a room it can feel overwhelming and bleach the colour of the tiles and paint you have chosen for your space. Try to think about key areas of your bathroom you need lighting, for example the bath, shower and basin areas are a must, but if you wanted to add some additional lighting that's not too overbearing, up lighting or lighting strips under vanity units or in little alcoves will balance the room nicely. 

Paint colours

If you didn't want to fully tile your bathroom opting for some light painted walls will also keep your room feeling bright and spacious, white is always a good option as its neutral and will keep the room feeling bright, but pastel colours are a good choice as well if you wanted to add a splash of colour. Try to avoid shades that are too dark these will draw the room inwards and won't uplift your space. 

Choose shower screens with minimal frames

To create a sense of space in your room choose shower enclosures or screens that have the minimal amount of framing . Frameless shower enclosures or walk in panels are an excellent way of making your gloomy room feel bright and airy. 

We hope these helpful tips are useful, if you would like more advise please come and visit us in the showroom.

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