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How to choose the right bath for your bathroom


 Investing in a new bath will not only give your bathroom a fresh new look, it will also become a relaxing retreat that will help you unwind at the end of the day.

Baths can often be the main focal point in your bathroom, so you need to consider carefully the sort of style, shape and material you like. Usually it's the size and shape of the room that dictates what sort of bath you buy.


One of the main things to think about is the functionality of the bath. Firstly, what do you want from your new bath? Do you want to have jets for a relaxing spa-like feel? Would you like to be able to stand up in it to have a shower or do you prefer a more traditional claw foot bath? 

Different Materials

Baths can be made in various materials including steel, acrylic and Quaryl which is exclusive to Villeroy & Boch. 

Quaryl baths consist of blending 60% natural quartz and high-quality sanitary acrylic for a strong, warm to the touch finish.

Standard acrylic baths are lightweight, affordable, warm to the touch and easy to install, they have reinforcement underneath the acrylic layer to add strength.

Manufacturers such as Bette make superb quality, steel baths that are stronger and more durable than even heavy-duty acrylic baths, resistant to chemicals and UV light. They are usually quite a bit more expensive, but certainly something to consider if you have the budget to spend and want something that will last a lifetime.

 Bath Size and Shape

A question we get asked a lot in the showroom is 'what is a standard bath size'? A 'standard' bath size, if there is such a thing, is 1700mm in length and 700mm wide. However nowadays it is possible to find the right bathtub for every bathroom due to a huge range of size combinations.

Some unusual and 'non' standard baths such as 'P and L' shape shower baths or corner baths are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your space.

Modern or Traditional Freestanding Baths

If you're lucky enough to have a large space, you can choose from a wide range of luxury freestanding baths. Freestanding baths are becoming more popular and with their elegant, sophisticated style they can give any bathroom the feel of a hotel retreat or an expensive day spa.

They work best in larger bathrooms where this is plenty of space for you to walk around and clean and they offer you the opportunity to place your bath anywhere to make an impact to anyone who visits.

Roll top baths can add a touch of character to a bathroom and modern baths can look sleek and minimalist. The choices are endless, you don't even have to choose a white bath, make a bigger impact with a copper or metal finish. 

Bath panel, to tile or not to tiled

If you have chosen a built-in bath, then you need to choose a panel style to cover the unsightly plumbing underneath. If you prefer the look and accessibility of conventional panels there are more options than the flimsy acrylic ones, wood is very popular to give a sturdier finish and would tie in with any furniture you might have chosen.

Another option which is becoming more popular are tiled bath panels, your installer would create a panel and tile it in a colour of your choice to either make a feature out of it or to blend in with the rest of the tiles in your bathroom. A huge benefit to this is it makes your bathroom room feel bigger, less cluttered and overall give a stylish finish.

If you need any further help with selecting a bath come and why not come and visit us in the showroom.

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