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10 mistakes you make when designing your bathroom


There's a lot more to designing a bathroom than choosing taps and tiles (as fun as that part is). If you get it right, you will have a beautiful bathroom that you will enjoy spending time in every day.Get it wrong and you could end up with a bathroom that's had lots of niggly problems that can get worse over time. Watch out for these common pitfalls and designing your dream bathroom needn't become a nightmare.  

Switching things around unnecessarily

If you're renovating an existing bathroom and the layout already makes sense, think carefully before switching sanitaryware around. Moving pipes can quickly become expensive and can raise more problems than it solves. If you do want to switch things up, make sure you consult a plumber first to make sure your plan is feasible.

Thinking too big for a small space

Your ideal bathroom may include a walk-in shower, double basins and lots of storage but you must work with what you've got or risk ending up with a cramped, impractical space. Pick just one of your dream items – the walk-in shower for example and keep everything else compact.

Forgetting about the accessories

There can be too much to think about when designing your bathroom but one thing you shouldn't forget about are the accessories. A toilet roll holder is a must and even a towel ring, these two accessories makes a big difference to your design.

For more ideas try looking at Vado or Keuco accessories to find a style that will fit in well with your bathroom design. 

Picking bold colours that may date in a few years' time

Tiles can be expensive, so you want to get it right. We sometimes don't always want to go for the safe option with beige or grey tiles but realistically these colours won't date and will still look fantastic for years to come. If you want to add some colour, feature mosaics work well as does adding coloured towels and accessories to the design. Half height tiling also means some bold colours can be added above that can be easily changed. Small accessories can be easily changed, and your bathroom can be updated from time to time at a very low cost. 

Forgetting about storage

We all use shampoo, bathroom cleaners, toothbrushes and these all need a place to live that isn't on your windowsill or sitting at the base of your shower. Storage is a key part in bathroom designing, whether it be a simple unit under the basin or a wall cabinet this will have a huge impact on your bathroom.

Keep your toilet away from the door

You don't have to move everything around in your bathroom but one thing to consider is moving your toilet, we leave doors open a lot around our house and the last thing you want to see is the loo. Try and move your bath, basin or shower in its place to create a nice eye-catching feature as you enter your bathroom.

Lack of ventilation

When designing a bathroom, ventilation is not glamorous, but it can be crucial. Bathrooms are moist places, and moisture that can't escape will eventually cause mould or peeling paint, or both. Even if you have a window, we think it's a good idea to incorporate a fan.

Insufficient heating

If you have a large bathroom or live in a poorly insulated house, chances are a single heated towel rail won't be enough to keep your bathroom warm, especially in winter. Work out exactly how much heating you need using a British Thermal Unit (BTU) calculator. Underfloor heating is a great space-saving option for a bathroom and will make dark, chilly mornings that little bit more bearable. 

Going too big or too small with tiles

We would always suggest bigger tiles are better as they can make your bathroom feel larger than it is and the upkeep with less grout lines is easier.

If you do prefer smaller tiles just remember too small and your bathroom may feel too busy. Ask advice from a specialist and try not to use white tiles on the floor – the grout can be a nightmare to keep clean. 

Not doing enough research

This one might be an obvious one, but there are a lot of products online that are of poor quality so don't be fooled by low prices. Always set aside some time to look through bathroom ideas and inspiration, check what products are made from and the warranties offered as this will help you discover a design you'll enjoy for years to come.

If you're not sure what you like or what design would work best in your home, bubbles bathrooms are happy to advise you. 

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